Today’s Fragrance: Wisdom’s Chamber

Scripture reference: Job 28; 1 Corinthians 1:30

Wisdom according to many is the application of knowledge. While that may be true, we do not consider a foolish act as wisdom even though it was acted/reacted based on knowledge, do we? Wisdom therefore is not just the application of knowledge but the true knowledge and this is seen in the face of Christ Jesus.

In first Corinthians chapter one verse thirty, we see that Christ is made unto us wisdom first, then all others follow for without seeing the wisdom of God you cannot see the need for salvation and its package.
We learnt yesterday that by wisdom a house is built (and all life) and so without Jesus nothing in this world were made (see John 1:1-3).

Where then can wisdom be found? Job 28 tells us only God knows and concludes that the fear of God, that is wisdom and the greatest fear (thus reverence) we can show God is accepting His Son, Jesus, as our Lord and saviour. That is why God made him wisdom unto us that by him all things should consist.

In conclusion, without Christ you may walk in a certain knowledge that works for you but for a short time it will crumble. Accept Jesus, learn of Him and wisdom comes effortlessly in your daily walk of life.

Glory to God!

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