Today’s Fragrance: The Principal Thing

Scripture reference: Proverbs 4:7; Luke 10:39-42

Wisdom is the first thing, as the Scripture says. The word for principal in Hebrew used here is “reyshiyt” which also means “beginning” and from here we can deduce why Jesus, being our wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:30) is the Alpha (Aleph, in Hebrew) for he is the first and beginning of all things and without him was anything made that was made.

The Bible tells us that “by wisdom is a house built” (Proverbs 24:3) which also means by wisdom is all things built. Nothing can ever be achieved without wisdom in some form being called upon. This makes wisdom the cornerstone of our lives; decisions and choices.

Jesus told Martha that “one thing is needful” and Mary has that path. What was the choice of Mary? She sat at Jesus’s feet feeding on wisdom. That was not to say that service is bad but service at the wrong time is. An example is walking about in church while the sermon is being preached. All in the name of service to God.

Knowledge of the one whom we serve is of great importance to God than serving Him for when you know Him, wisdom is built in you and your service to Him would be uncanny/uncannily excellent. And that Martha missed.

Beloved, when truth comes forth let us not busy ourselves with service. Let us have time to study God’s Word in every day and grow in wisdom for it is the foundation of a relevant and successful life in Jesus in whom we live move and have our being.

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