Today’s Fragrance: Not Condemned

Scripture reference: Romans 8:1-4; John 8:11

I realized, growing up in Christ that most believers, believe in the fact that daily as they live they are guilty before God; they are unclean and sinners. This mind-set still runs today among many who still see God’s wrath instead of His grace and truth in the face of Christ Jesus.

I wondered what the essence of Christianity was sometime ago. Why? Because I was told Jesus forgave me of all my sin and so accepting Him made me born again and saved from the world and hell but I did not hear of that liberty from those already in the faith.

What is being saved if daily I walk thinking “When Christ comes will I go?”. That is a more frustrating life to me than being unsaved.
So I studied Scripture and meditated daily by the help of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8 verse 1 is one of the most quoted verses in Christendom but I do not think some believers have really studied it to comprehension.

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus” It is plain! You cannot be judged twice; it is against the law of double jeopardy. Jesus bore it all—our sins—past, present and future.
“God did not send his son into the world to condemn it [the world was already condemned as well as those still unsaved] but that the world through him (Jesus Christ) might be saved” (John 3:17).

The power to live a sinless life is in knowing that you are not condemned by the one who loves you.

Our minds condemn us even as the devil throws thoughts of guilt into it and wants us unstable hence Romans 8:1.

Beloved, you are not walking in your own righteousness but His, so shake off those thoughts and false teachings and focus on Jesus and you will see, like I did, that living right indeed comes effortlessly by grace because you are not condemned!


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