GENRE: Religious, R&B, Pop
STYLE: Contemporary Gospel

Hello to you out there, The Gospel Paps brings to you another refreshing hour of pure Gospel music filled with Soul and a strong Spiritual connection. We bringing down the curtains of this album review from Tye Tribbett’s camp with the number 9 song on the album “What Can I Do” which he featured an amazing vocalist and guitarist KJ Scriven.

This song tells us how it is important to have Jesus be at the center of our lives. In addition, KJ Scriven portrays the above emotions in his nasal tone as he starts with a solo, speaking the hearts of people who are vulnerable in the aforementioned conditions. Have you gotten to that point in your life where you completely have lost your vision, direction and strength? You don’t have the faith you began this Christian race with anymore? Your doubts increase day by day that you don’t see God taking you to your destined end? You are completely lost in thoughts and it looks like God has turned His back to you?

The message in this song best suits the pop and RnB nature of the background sound arrangement because it raises the sharp concern and necessity of the fact that we need God all the time and we can’t do anything without him. This is an outcry to God Almighty in heaven that we can never do this on our own. Nevertheless the combination of the strings, base and lead guitars all merge beautifully filling every space to lift up every spirit in this kind of crisis!
I will compare this lyrics to Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41 in the bible. At the point where the disciples were sailing with Jesus on the boat, they were attacked by a heavy storm and they could do nothing than to rely on the words of Jesus. In Matthew 14 we see that Peter looked out for Jesus when he also wanted to walk on the Lake but when he got on the water and he took his eyes off of Jesus(when he lost his vision and faith) he began to sink and Jesus rescued him. This tell you and I that in life we need a stronghold. We need that factor that when we are shot of ideas He will always be there to our rescue which is the Lord. He will always fight for us and we will forever hold our piece.

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