Today’s Fragrance:Engraved

Scripture: Isaiah 49:13-16
“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.”

To engrave is to carve or etch into a material or surface or to impress or affect deeply. We see such demonstrations in tattooing one’s skin. Such impressions are designed to last and endure adversity.

The opening Scripture does not say, “I have graven your name…” No. he says, “I have graven thee…” Thus, your very self; your fullness, your strengths as well as flaws, your brokenness, hurts and shortcomings – you; all that you are.

A woman would not love her child only for the good he does but for all that the child is, training him along the growth cycle to be what she desires. She does not cherry-pick when to love the child. That is why when Zion said God had forsaken them our Father was stunned and made the declaration in Isaiah 49:14-16.

Fast forward to the new covenant of grace, I see fully the light of this shadow. That love would stoop down in grace, writing in the sand, pierced in the palms; etching us into his palms, that as those nail-printed palms exist we are engraved in the Father’s palms.

Some say the only man-made thing in heaven is the nail-printed palms of Jesus and I dare say this is the reason—He would never forget nor forsake us. Can a man mistreat His own body and enjoy the treat? Why would our Father neglect you whom He gave his only son for?

Beloved, you are highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved and it’s all because of Jesus!



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