Music Review : If He Did It Before By Tye Tribbett

Welcome to another super edition of “BEYOND THE RHYTHM” fully packed to get your grooves on. Today’s feature is another song on the list coming from the Greater Than Album titled “If He did it before…” This song is the last, and as a matter of fact the closing song on the album. It is an awesome piece with a great deal of musical arrangements and master sounds, making the song irresistible and spot on!

This song moves with a fast and energetic beat from the man I call the “beat Maker” and “Beat Murderer”. The ”whooww” man, gets started on the song very energetically  when the sticks roll on the pimped drums and aims to blow one’s mind and penetrate the heart with sharp effects at the background of the band with all instruments well heard. It was and still is undoubtedly, one of the most popular gospel pop songs the youth choreograph with.

The vocals come in strong with a unified chest voice after a number count from the lead vocals whiles the instrumentation settles in perfect loops in the music. The emotions in the song are strongly felt in the diction, attitude and harmonies in the voices of the backing vocalists. A well-structured song from beginning to end with an amazing bridge that puts you in deep suspense thinking what style or lyrics or instrumentation will follow next. As said earlier, Tye Tribbett is a genius with his defined sounds.
This song has performed so well internationally earning a Grammy nomination and winning in the best Gospel Song category in 2014 and also sweeping the SoulTrain Music award for Best Gospel/Inspiration in 2013 amongst others.

This song reiterates  the unchangeable nature God so well.

Whatever He has promised us shall come to pass and in your hard times do not be discouraged because his Miracles are unending. 2 Corinthians 1:20 – “For no matter what how many promises God has made, they are YES in Christ. And so through Him the AMEN is spoken by us to the Glory of God”.
If He did it before, the surely He can and will do it again…Shalom

You can watch the music video here

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