Song Review: Love Won’t Let Me Down-Hillsong Y&F

Song Title : Love won’t let me down

By: Hillsong Young and Free

Genre: Gospel Pop/Rock/EDM

Released : August 4, 2017

Review by : Papberry

Are we not so much used to worship Ballards, that we want all worship songs to be in that form else it ceases to be termed as such or maybe so?

For me, I particularly love me some dancing whiles in worship because once I’m locked in and having a great time, I connect with my Maker on a deeper level!

Perhaps you, my readers would join me in this after reading this review.

Hillsong needs no intro right? But on a second thought let me just do a quick one for the sake of it.

Hillsong is a church in Sydney Australia, and since its inception, under its youth wing have released albums under three names. Hillsong Worship(formally hillsong/Live), Hillsong UNITED, and Hillsong Young & Free.

The spotlight today falls on the latter.

Hillsong Young & Free obviously is a youth movement and EDM/Pop group born out of Hillsong Church. This group continues to redefine Christian music to the masses with their projects.

They are made up of talented people from various backgrounds with a fusion of styles and sounds, and their mission is to make music that attracts a young audience.

Their first album, “We Are Young & Free” (2013), and EP, “This Is Living” (2015), garnered a No. 1 spot on Billboard Top Christian /Gospel Albums Chart. With millions of social media followers engaging in the social conversation, the group has scored four No. 1 radio singles.

A little backstory:

Hillsong United launched in 1998, the original group, got underway when the members were all pretty young, because it was started as part of the youth ministry at Hillsong Church. As they evolved and started to mature, have families of their own and take on adulthood, many people at the church felt that there was a need for a new group that would aim its message at younger people with a stimulating new sound, hence Hillsong Y&F.

Song Review: Love won’t let me down.

With this latest single, it’s evident that these passionate young group of worship leaders are not afraid to expand and reinvent the worship genre by infusing dance, pop, electronic and worship together. They are bold and unashamed to speak the word of God in diverse forms.

What makes Young & Free’s latest endeavour so unique?

The song is so engaging as it is driven by electronic beats, a strong club/dance atmosphere and tempo fit for moving and dancing to.

With this appealing vocals and meaningful lyrics, I feel compelled to press play again anytime the song ends. The song is simple yet it passionately reiterates God’s love for mankind in a realest kinda way.

In my view, this track is effective in conveying the notion that Jesus won’t ever, ever, let us down, and his faithfulness and reliability is something that we can trust and depend on at all times.

Here is what the team has to say:

“Within the reality of our earthly relationships, we can find ourselves with broken friendships, dysfunctional families, heartbreak and disappointments. But the beauty of a relationship with Jesus, is that we can take Him at His word and trust in a love that does not, cannot, and will not fail us. ”

“Love Won’t Let Me Down” inspires me to rejoice in the reality of what I am declaring…and I love that singing out a promise such as this, unleashes praise from my heart. So good!”

Young & Free have recorded a winner, and hopefully they will follow this song up with a stellar new album either at the end of this year or next year!

It’s definitely a joy to listen to even though I do enjoy Hillsong United and Hillsong Worship albums better than any other counterpart, This track is a deal breaker!

Well done to this humble and young Aussie band whose ministry is guaranteed to touch many lives.

My score is an 8/10

Listen to the song below.


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