Review: Joe Mettle -“Bo Noo Ni”- Ft. Luigi MacLean-(No One Else)

I’m I the only one who thinks that any song that has Joe Mettle on it would be a masterpiece?
Well, that’s alright since it’s only a thought. Because the reality is that, it’s not the name Joe Mettle that does anything even though he puts lots of hard work into all he does. It is actually about the power behind the name.

Of course for this year’s VGMA artiste of the year winner amongst many others, we all expect nothing but the very best with regards to anything he brings out for public consumption.

Prior to the release of his new single there was so much hype and of course, we all had high hopes for this track. When it finally dropped, I was itchy but for some unknown reason I didn’t listen early enough and now I’m full of regrets. Because when I finally did, good Lawd! I fell in love with it spot on! well, you could term it love at first sight if you believe in that.

While many Gospel artists think they can get away with a poorly structured song with their live impromptu rantings, “Bo Noo Ni” takes no short cuts.  Rather, Minister Joe Mettle tells a personal story of how Christ graciously dealt with him despite all odds. This song portrays our God as a miracle working God.

Christ’s Love with perspicuity, “Bo Noo Ni” is a deftly crafted song.
This song totally qualifies as a romantic love song, need I say much? Luigi Maclean’s silky voice produced that effect as he joined the flow with these words “Never thought that you could love someone like me…“. The complete reverence given to that one person whom without, you wouldn’t be, is felt throughout. And his smile… you should totally look out for that in the video.

His heart-warming voice capable of soothing all pain definitely moved me to different dimensions, that guy is a huge talent, watch out for him.

With such expressive vocals, compelling Instrumentation as well as deep lyrics you’d never go wrong making Bo Noo Ni an option any day.

Bo Noo Ni (No One Else) was recorded live at the Accra International Conference Centre last June, during Joe’s live album DVD recording. But the single was release on September 12 and upon its release, it chalked 1st position on iTunes same day and is still trending on all online stores home and abroad. I must say, the song is doing very well!

For those of you who love to dance, the latter part of this song is so groovy and even without knowing, you’d find yourself swaying in the song’s rhythmic direction. You just can’t stay still.

Have a listen and share with friends also, and oh you can thank me later.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are though 🙂

Here is a link to the song.


Audio Download


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