TGIT(Thank God it’s Tuesday). Reflections are good you know. Amidst the busy moments it is still imperative that we ‘steal’ some time to do some deep-seated thinking. Today we would keep it brief.

Read the piece below and find out what it really means to have the child as the father of the man. And if you do not get it, read again(wink).

Every child has in himself the desire to be free. And it happens that we are mostly in a hurry to grow old. The boy in the kindergarten cannot wait to move to primary, to junior high and to higher classes. These are all good signs that one is indeed ‘living’. It is no good when a child has no dreams!

In a good time the cherished dream of that little boy becomes a reality – he grows…and grows…and grows…till he also becomes a parent. A lot of factors shapen our perspectives as children and what becomes of us can be said as a sum of all the experiences we have had. Like every rule there are exceptions. Others are unaffected by family and environmental traits whereas some are held down strongly by limitations of the things that influenced their character formation. Yet, amongst all other things that makes a man, I believe that a man is a product of his choices.

I must admit that all other parameters that nurture a person may not be under his direct influence except the choices he makes by himself. That is why I am particularly concerned. I am concerned because if we do not have an opinion in a number of things like the time and place of our birth yet have control over the decisions we make like the path we decide to go and the dreams we want to harbour then certainly one has to be mindful of that one thing he has control over – HIS CHOICES.

Destiny they say happens in steps…so what the boy thinks, becomes his words, the anthem he sings and the mantra he lives by. What he says, he puts to action. What he puts to action solidifies into character. And his character becomes his destiny.

Beloved, the men and women we seek to be are right within us. Whatever, we seek to become is already being formed in us. It would be a blunder to wish to expect anything different from the deeds and creeds we portray now. The man you see today is the boy you saw yesterday.

Character deficiencies are not done away with through wishful thinking. They are dealt with in pain and sweat. Change is hard but change is good. You may have gone down the part of your growth with a series of choices that could spell your doom. It is never too late to refrain. ‘Deal with the situation whilst it is still a child before it grows into a man’.

I beseech you therefore brethren, that for the sake of tomorrow,let us sacrifice today. Let us build maximum capacity for impact so that when we set off we would have no limitations. It is true to an extent the african proverb that says, “where a man sits in his old age determines where he stood in his youth”. Reflect on these…

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