Reflections : Every Life Matters

Another week is here with us. As always we must be grateful for life and its opportunities. Have you said a prayer to thank God today? If your response is in the negative may this serve as a reminder.

Today, I want us to reflect on one of the greatest threats to human existence and for that matter one of the sources of all ill orchestrations of man, SELFISHNESS.

It is interesting to note that those who are actually selfish do not consider themselves as such. Like pride, it blinds an individual who has the most possession of this vice.

Did you know that when a giraffe drinks a hot coffee, by the time it gets to its throat it would have been cold? The giraffe cannot therefore enjoy a hot coffee in its entire life! Has it ever crossed your mind? No. You only think about yourself. lol

Has it ever crossed your mind that the baby kangaroo could fall from its mother’s pouch during one of those moments when its mother is jumping around? Again, the answer is a resounding NO. You only think about yourself. So you see?

Inasmuch as the aforementioned analogies are not real life issues worthy of catching your attention, it has a subliminal compass that points out the seed of SELF-ONLY sown in each of us. There is a higher probability(almost a 100 percent) that you have thought about yourself, your good and the good of your immediate family ONLY, up to this moment of the day while you are reading this. Yet we are quick to point accusing fingers at people who are allegedly being greedy such as corrupt politicians or policemen. Where does greed come from if not from the state of being selfish?

Beloved, what the world needs are individuals who throw away kindness like a confetti. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Imagine what world it would be if everybody was selfless enough to plant trees whose shade they know they would never enjoy. On the lighter note, imagine how comfortable you would feel in the washroom if the person who used the washroom had you in mind and the rippling effect continued.

Everybody is wrapped up in themselves and to borrow the words of Benjamin Franklin, “people who are wrapped up in themselves make small packages”. Be a bigger package. Be big enough to contain others because any act of care, kindness or love creates endless ripples.

Can you look around you just for a moment? You’d be amazed the things you’ve overlooked.
The change starts from somewhere and that somewhere can be you…reflect on these…

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