Truncated Sentiments

This piece was submitted one blessed writer and  it carries a simple message. Enjoy

Well, maybe I am expressively exaggerating but really…
What happened to the
I in the I love you
And the I in the I miss you
The God, in the God bless you and the many coats of rainbow colors subtracting the meaningful efforts in our show of care now it’s

“Love you”
“Miss you”
“Bless you” …and the likes😊

Oo no you don’t! And ooo, you really don’t care who does the “blessing” …


Wait? Am I the only one who thinks this is a virtual set up to raise a generation of people who will :

1. Be in a relationship but never emotionally committed because well “I” never said “I” did?
2. Show up and yet not participate ?
3. Or perhaps be very present, yet not availabe?
4. Or purchase care but wouldn’t personally care?

Like in the cases of buying books but not reading
Having Bibles, but not reading
Or possibly, like it’s already in existence, never making time for you in the sick and trying life but sharing in a thought of tribute on funeral grounds.

If you feel it really doesn’t matter, like some friends say when I ask for the ” I’s ” in the utterance of affection
Try typing “I love you” and “love you ” on different occasions – when you angry or happy – and see whether the feeling is the same or the effort is same.

An emotionless and effortless generation is coming and maybe I saw it too early !

I love you! And the I matters.

It means I do

Love is not a pollen grain that affords a pollination even without the presence of a human factor.

Stop throwing out emotions in the air without your singular honor, its just that easy if you don’t mean it!

Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher

Hi, I am Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher, a student pharmacist and a member of the Church of Pentecost. It is my desire that my articles go a long way in building you up as a Christian and enlightening you in your love life.
I seek your comments and feedback of my posts to make us better. God bless you for passing through

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