Grace, God’s good grace is what has kept us. Glory to His Holy Name forever.

As usual, there is something to reflect on and it is my desire that today’s piece ignites the flames of patience coupled with perseverance in you to help achieve your purpose. With these two you will go far- far away from failure.

You probably might have heard of the popular Chinese Bamboo tree. Repetition they say is made for emphasis so kindly permit a summarized version of it. 

The Chinese Bamboo tree requires watering and fertilizing almost everyday from the moment the seed is sown else or risk losing it. Taking very good care as well as  following the nurturing procedure to the letter is a necessity. Yet with all the hard work, seeing it sprout in the first four years is only something achieveable in dreams than reality.

One is expected to keep the process of watering and fertilizing going in the second, third and fourth years as it was done the day it was planted. Something tremendous happens however, if one patiently nurtures the seed of the Chinese Bamboo tree for four years. 

The fifth year comes with the unraveling of awesome manifestations. The seed sprouts and grows astronomically. And In a matter of five weeks it can grow to 90 feet. The seed that seemed dead for four years suddenly grows into a tree to incredible heights in few weeks.

Now, as disheartening as it may seem in the first four years, in the fifth year comes the breakthrough, a feat achieved not by dispising the lessons in small beginnings and giving up. It took four years for the seed to gather the momentum it needed for a sprinter-growth in the later years. Other trees might have grown to higher heights and wondered when they would see the face of the Bamboo tree. Well, that seed’s message has always been “GREAT THINGS LIKE THESE TAKE TIME. GIVE ME SOME TIME TO PROVE MY WORTH”

I would not pretend to know it all but at least I’m old enough to make sound observations. I have seen under the sun on God’s blue earth that great things or perhaps everything worthy takes time to develop. If there is anything negative technology has taught our youth, it has taught them that they can have their way and for that matter have things quick! So our sons and daughters are eager to get rich quick. And whenever there is a delay in a breakthrough we throw our hands in the air and give up or look for undue ways to cut corners. 

My mentor once told me, “whenever, you are building a team do not rush, it would take time“. This was a statement in response to an eagerness to get a mammoth group to help us with a project.
My dear friends, success never comes overnight. When one strikes a rock several times, say hundred times before the rock breaks, it would be wrong to credit the 100th strike with the breakage.

What happened was a tributary of all previous strikes. It has been the secret of all successful people that they decide to try one more time before they quit. They decide to wait one more hour. Oh how many souls have refused to make the final strike and convinced themselves that if their ideas do not materialize quickly then they have failed.

One day you will fill stadiums but you may need to perform before the mediocre for a while, you will play your harp in the palace but please do not quit playing before the flock of sheep. Preparation is mostly longer than the performance so whenever it dawns on you to throw in the towel remember that these may be one of those things that take time.

Reflect on these…

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