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God alone be praised for yet another week. I hope you are being blessed by the weekly posts on here. This is a story re-written and spiced up to give you a long lasting imagery.

A king was well known for his superflous wealth which he liked to flaunt. He always wanted extravagant things and well, he could actually afford anything he desired. His headache was how to spend that which he had. Aside being known as super- wealthy, he was infamous for being the most wicked of all the kings that ever ruled that glorious kingdom . To this effect, his subjects always agreed with him even when he was wrong. No wisdom could provide an alternative to his suggestions. Ones sagacity was only useful in his own home and not at the palace.

He had virtually run out of ideas on spending his riches so the coming of the three weavers was a glorious opportunity to once again show-off. The three weavers proposed that they would make him the most beautiful outfit ever made and seen by man. In addition, they would make the outfit in such a way that it would be invisible to every person who is not wise. That is to say, only wise members of the kingdom would have the honour to behold the majesty of the king in his glorious outfit.

They set their equipments up and started working. They explained that the outfit would be made with invisible threads that would be seen by only the wise. Any time the king goes in to check up on them he would see them busily sewing, yet he saw nothing tangible except the gestures they made in the air. The king was sure he could not see anything but he would not admit it lest he be considered a fool. The weavers would often carry the cloth to the king and open it up explaining the symbols and colours they have supposedly combined in making the outfit.
To satisfy his curiousity the king sent his trusted subjects one after the other to go and observe how far the weavers have gone with the weaving. None of them saw anything but none of them would dare say that there was nothing lest he be considered a fool. Each of them came with a progress report and each agreed that the cloth was indeed the best they had ever seen. In three months the weavers worked ‘tirelessly’ and finally presented the cloth to the king. He tried it on in front of the members of his inner circle and they all believed that the best time to outdoor this cloth was in three days time- when they hold their grand festival. The king was pleased with the work the weavers had done.

Even though he still could not behold a tangible cloth he acted in manner so as not to give him out as foolish. His men claimed to have seen so he had to go with the flow. He paid them lavishly and they went their way. The night to the grand festival was long for each member of the king’s inner circle. ‘It was not possible that I am too foolish not to have seen the cloth’ , each contemplated. They believed there was something sinister about the weavers but they could not say.

On the day of the durbar the king put on his cloth and as directed by the weavers he was not to wear anything under the cloth. “One would see the true beauty of the cloth if you wore nothing under it”, they said. As the king paraded through the street he was hailed and praised and the crowd talked fondly of how majestic the king looks in his cloth. They discussed everything from colours, patterns to symbols.

Ceteris paribus, the durbar would have ended without any fracas but this five year old boy would not let the king be. In the midst of the merry-making he shouted “mummy, but the king is naked”. The man standing next to him also asked the next person ” did you hear what the boy just said? Is it true the king is naked?”. And that is how the entire kingdom came to accept that surely they had seen well and that the king was indeed naked. Oblivious to the king, the magicians were fraudsters. They had tricked him and his entire kingdom. Each person was sure the king was naked but non could come out to say lest he be considered a fool.

Beloved, there are diseases that are considered contagious but do you know what else is contagious? Love is…courage is…a smile is…You never know who is watching or who is taking inspiration from you. The little things we do matter. You may be the light in someone’s darkness. Through your success someone may be inspired to work harder. The kindness you show may be the life support that somebody needs.

Sometimes all one needs is an inspiration, a word or a comforting hug and and the fire in him/her comes alive. The courage shown by great reformers is what propels others to continue the fight. As long as you let your light shine you give others the courage to do same. Stand out and others will stand with you. You are the voice we are waiting for…reflect on these.

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