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Hello folks,

The Gospel paps Team brings you a new dimension of apologetics dubbed “A Mail to God.” That’s right, A mail to God! Any issue or question you wish to ask or talk about, we are ready to help you out. So send them to papberry@thegospelpaps.org and let’s have a talk! Below is a mail from a young lady to God about her predicament. Lets meet at the end.


Dear God (If He exists),

It’s been a while I penned anything down. I guess “God@Heaven.org” will be a perfect address in this situation.

I have been angry with myself for a long time but I just realized I have to channel all my anger to you. I know you know everything since you are omniscient and you are all powerful. So why is there so much evil in the world? Why do the innocent suffer a lot?

I have seen children abused physically and sexually. Each day, the sound of bombs echoes in the Middle-east and the wailings of mothers can be heard thousand miles away as they search for their love ones through the rubble.  I have seen a whole country in severe famine due to civil war, children raped and thousands put to death because one person is greedy for power. I have seen the rich getting richer at the expense of the masses. Corruption and bribery now the hallmark of many nations. I guess you know what I’m driving at, evil prevailing and no one sticking his nose for the righteous (who are very rare these days).

You already know my story so I won’t bore you with much details. I came into this world through a prostitute with no knowledge of my father. I lived a destitute life but no one seemed to bother. My mother was killed when I was just three years by a drunk, right in front of me, because she asked for extra money for her service. I have been robbed, jailed (not for any crime I committed), and stripped naked.

So tell me, if you are really there, why so much evil and hate in a lovely world you created? I’m awaiting your earliest reply.

A forsaken child,


RE: why is there so much evil in the world?

Dear Hellen,

It’s good hearing from you. Anyway, this is not from the Big Man up there but it seems the address you used was same as mine. God really has a way of connecting people; one will say God has a great sense of humor.

The questions you asked were valid questions and I really understand your predicaments. I must say I can still sense your need for God and a fellowship with Him. I don’t believe you believe in the non-existence of God because if you did there won’t be a letter in the first place. In my 20 years journey with God as a Christian, I have met lots of people with similar experiences and they wonder if there’s a God, why such evil in this world.

The greatest gift God gave mankind was and is His love. But we cannot express true love without free will. Our free will as humans distinguish as from other created things and that makes us human. The God we serve is a God who doesn’t impose His Love on us but He gives us the chance and ability to choose to love Him, John 3:16. We see evil all around us because we decide not to love God and live by His standards but rather choose the pleasures of this world.

God is sovereign and He governs even over evil but God also respect the free will He has given to man. How will you feel if you are forced to love someone? Our love for God should come from a genuine and sincere heart. God uses everything around us, including evil, which isn’t from Him to work His purpose for our lives. In Genesis 50, Joseph’s brothers meant evil against Joseph when they sold him into slavery but God meant it for good in order to save many people. We know, “…all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose”, Romans 8:28.

I believe God has wonderful plans for you. So draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. I hope to hear from you soon and all the best in your endeavors.

A concerned Christian,


NB: This is a scenario created to address the question: why is there so much evil in the world?

I hope to see you next Saturday on A Mail to God. Have a wonderful Weekend.


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