Today’s Fragrance : Are You Sure You Are Obeying?

“We see then that they were not able to enter the land because they did not believe.” Hebrews 3:19

Let’s go back to the days when the Israelites were happy they were leaving Egypt because it was for their own good. But at the point of decision, they said “we can’t do it, we can’t go on” and the Bible says because of their unbelief they missed all that God had planned for their lives. They were consumed by the very words that exited their mouth.

This incident is not too far away from us in our dispensation, it is still ongoing . Sometimes we miss what God plans for our lives simply because we are afraid or unwilling to take steps of faith. We miss lots because we love to question God rather than believe Him.

 Our unbelief limits God’s hand working in our lives. He is God, He can’t go back on His words, He says it will be unto you as you believe yet you want Him to dishonour himself when you don’t even believe? IMPOSSIBLE. Your unbelief is at your own detriment not His or anyone else.

God never does or says anything out of purpose; therefore He would not command us to do something if it wasn’t important. 
One thing I’ve realized is that when you truly love someone you don’t complain when doing things for that person, in fact you even do things you’re not asked to do just to score points.
I find myself asking why it isn’t so with God, why do we find it so difficult to obey Him? Is it because we haven’t yet experienced His love for us to respond in that kind of love?

If we must obey God then we must do that out of love and not compulsion. However, partial obedience and delayed obedience all result in disobedience. Total obedience rather brings many blessings into our lives and also blesses the lives of others.

 Your continued obedience will yield eternal results. God bless you. Shalom!

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