Fine Boys Are Dangerous

It’s another blessed Sunday and we are privileged to have you here with us. We have for you a sister’s personal life story. She had to really dig deep in the process of writing this. We hope you’ll like it.

Today I share my story because I feel that someway somehow there are people in the mess I was in some time ago and so I will get as real as possible to help people out there.

Have you ever been through a time phase where you just want to do things just for the sake of it? I’m talking about the stuff you decide to do so that you’d also have a say when such related issues are brought up. Or perhaps you just do things not because you want it but because you also want to gain experience? Enough of the questions. Here is my story.

I met this fine young man, he totally was my kind of guy; a dark athletic young man, with a smile that melts away my brain whenever he looked straight in my eyes. We had so much in common yet we had nothing in common because the most important factor was absent. Our beliefs were on opposing angles.

You know, one funny thing is that I didn’t plan on changing him because I knew I could not. Wondering why? I’m not God! So I tried not to even bring up religious issues anytime we were together. However, I was still engaging him probably because I had hope that maybe, just maybe the love we shared could bring about change in my favor.

Consequently, the issue of premarital sex popped up and apparently my guy was not on the same page with me on the no sex before marriage subject.
We were friends for long but I didn’t accept to date him because I wasn’t ready to compromise on my faith which I painted boldly for him to see clearly. Finally, he decided to give the love he had for me a chance and so decided that we could date but he wouldn’t bother me with sex.

I guess all this while my brains were less functional. Mind you I am a very spiritual person but I paid less attention to the promptings of the Spirit. By this I mean I knew I was hovering around fire and might get burnt. Maybe because I was over confident in my self-control acts that gave me some virtual assurance that I won’t get burnt. I guess I forgot that part of scripture that says let he who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls.

The guy was into me, no doubt about that and I was too but what really prompted me to move away? Well, the guy couldn’t actually be with me without being with me. It’s like the little chance he gets he wants to attach his something to my something… (Don’t think far please. Lol)

We were living in different places and we both moved around a lot so obviously the “I miss you”s flood our chats everyday. You can imagine how things will go when we finally meet up. He didn’t even want air to pass between us and I mean that literally.

I remember that one time I allowed myself to be carried away by his sweetness it almost happened!! I wonder what I would’ve done breaking a vow I made to the most important being in my life years ago.

He was begging me to allow him inside of me but someway somehow I found the strength flee. Can you guess what his reaction was when I said NO? He said, “it’s not like we are going to have sex all the time”. I just looked at him and smiled, and then picked myself up and left his presence. After all it was my dumbness that brought me that far.

That moment I realized that if I let myself into that kind of state again I might regret for the rest of my life because the unexpected would happen.
So I was done trying to explain why I say no to sex until I have the ring on!

How awful that would’ve been; giving something preciously guarded over 20years to someone to destroy in just 5mins. The funny thing is that we might end up not marrying.

Just so you know not all fine boys are dangerous, some are actually divinely orchestrated and when you find those, hold onto them well. Don’t only see with your eyes.

It is said that not all that glitters is Gold.
This guy was glittering so much like gold but Guess what he wasn’t Gold and I had to let go of him so to find the real Gold.

It wasn’t easy letting him go but then again it was not that tough because I had no sexual attachments with him.
So once I made up my mind to leave by the grace of God, I didn’t look back for nothing was drawing us together.

My dear friend who just read this, all I want you to know is that it pays to wait, never compromise on your values, faith and who you really are.
Sex is not just sex, there is more to it than the 5minutes pleasure (even if it lasts for longer than 5 minutes). Guard your heart so that you’ll not be deceived.
Always remember that:
Your body is the temple of God.(1corinthians 6:19)
Don’t stain your white garment. It isn’t worth it.


Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher

Hi, I am Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher, a student pharmacist and a member of the Church of Pentecost. It is my desire that my articles go a long way in building you up as a Christian and enlightening you in your love life.
I seek your comments and feedback of my posts to make us better. God bless you for passing through


  1. Waooo. This is great. She was really a Ruth, who was so determined to follow her in-law. May God grant her a gold man, who will glitter as well to glorify God

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