Today’ Fragrance: Your Worth, His Life

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” Matt. 16:26

Tell me, how much is your soul worth? can you think of any value? Difficult or impossible to tell?

I have come to realize that, you could be running around doing lots of things but if you not doing “The most important thing” your efforts are just being wasted.
Anytime I read the scripture above I am so much strengthened to move beyond odds. Because ultimately I know that the life that I live isn’t mine so if I must live then it must be done to please the one who’s life I’m living. He has fully equipped me to break bounds in getting His work done.

My dear friend, your life is precious. So much precious!

For this reason your soul was translated from a dark phase to a place of light when you believed in Jesus.

Your soul is worth the very life of Jesus and that’s the very reason the devil will not leave you alone to fully function. You are dangerous, you threaten his existence and progress.

Need I say more?

You carry something expensive yet cannot be bought with money, for this reason there is a great need for you to guard what you possess. You can’t find it anywhere to purchase when you lose it.
Jesus died for you so that you can have the chance to make something meaningful out of your life, and that’s exactly what living for Christ is.
If your family sees nothing in you, worry not about that, it’s their problem anyways not yours.
Remember a man without sin saw you worthy enough to lay His will aside to make you live! That’s all that matters.
YOUR LIFE IS WORTH HIS LIFE. His name is Jesus and he cares for you. If nobody cares for you, always remember JESUS CARES.

May God help us all in making our existence much more useful to Him. 


My name is Priscilla Adwoa Benewaa Ocran you can also call me Papberry because that way i get to bear more fruits! I am a woman Of God by grace, and i love to give out most especially to the youth.
Writing is my Call! impacting lives i have been anointed to do.
Join me as i explore God's Word through devotions, spokenword poetry and many more!

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