Beyond The Rhythm : I Am A Miracle

Welcome once again to another edition of Beyond the Rhythm. 

As you know, this section doesn’t promise any less. We whet your appetite with the extraordinary.
Our featured song for this week is “I am a miracle by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy
This song is so moving that you cannot listen to it for ten seconds without your skeletal muscles twitching for a dance.

 I bear witness to this. I barely try dancing because it is one of the few things I excel at but when I heard this song, I had to conjure a move or two. Maybe I might have embarrassed myself but, who cares? Haha.
Also coupled with the exuberance the song exudes is the compelling message of positive confessions.
The song generally speaks to the fact that we are God miracles. God in body form. 

We understand from scripture that God has made his dwelling in us. By this mere logic, we are as much divine as we are human. That makes it worth singing along with the chorus;
“I’m a living breathing walking talking moving miracle”
Just make sure whilst singing along you don’t twist your tongue because of how pacey the line goes.

“I am a miracle” boasts of some tremendous vocals. The upbeat tempo employed even spices the tune the more. The call and response style creates a melodious blend of the voices of Anthony Evans and Group Therapy making the song irresistible.
I cannot overemphasize it enough. Just get your stereo box out and enjoy the groove.

Below is the link to download the song

Isaac Turkson Jnr

I am a 4th year student of KNUST studying Doctor of Pharmacy. I am an avid christian and I desire to make an impact and a difference in the lives of many through Christ. I love watching christian movies, listening to music and reading. I believe the experiences we have in life, being it bitter or better, emanates from our views and outlook. Develop a can do attitude, a positive outlook and all things would surely work for your good.

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