Things Fall Apart :The Center Cannot Hold

Thank God it’s Tuesday. We are grateful to have something to reflect on today.

Let’s learn a few facts before the main piece, shall we?

The phrase ‘things fall apart’ made its first appearance in W.B. Yeats poem ‘the second coming’. Chinua Achebe borrowed it and made a masterpiece literary material out of it. That is what catapulted that phrase to the apogee of recognition it has now.

With the precedent set, I guess I would like to do what Achebe did-borrow- with a twist to make a nice submission. Today’s piece has touch of apologetics. Read in a reflective manner…

The origin of all human depravity is the idea that man could be their own master. Thus be like gods. If men considered themselves accountable to themselves only then are they tempted to create for themselves happiness outside God. We are wallowing on the shores of this conceit. I pray we go no further. Did the devil not consider himself a master? Such hubris- that is the highest form of pride that precedes the fall.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. At least that is what Einstein says, so fine-tune your imaginative antennae for we will do a few of such moving forward.

Imagine an engine that is made to run on diesel. Now what will happen if we decide to make it run on water? That is exactly what happens when man decides to live outside God.

So can man be the center of his world and have peace and stability? The answer is an absolutely glary stupendous NO.

Despite our technological advancements and fascinating civilization maneuvers we have failed to acknowledge that we can no more live by the creed ‘I am free to do whatever I want as long as I do not hurt anyone’. All the evil we see is indicative of man worshiping himself. Steve Turner does it better in his creed (Turner’s creed). Here are a few excerpts…

We believe in Marx, Freud and Darwin
We believe everything is OK
as long as you don’t hurt anyone
to the best of your definition of hurt;
and to the best of your knowledge
We believe in sex before, during and after marriage
He then ends by saying;
If chance be the father of all flesh,
disaster is his rainbow in the sky
and when you hear
state of emergency!
sniper kills ten
Troops on rampage
Whites go looting
Bomb blasts schools
It is but the sound of man
Worshiping his maker.

That is a perfect picture of man at the center of his world.

Let us consider finally this illustration. Consider humanity as a fleet of ships moving on the sea but non expected to crash into another. Notice that this is only probable if each ship has a good working internal system. Thus the safety of every ship depends on the sanity of each. If the steering gears of any are out-of-order, collisions are inevitable. No one is safe in the presence of a depraved man. He will destroy himself first and ultimately destroy others.

There is always a God-sized space in every man’s heart. Only God is big enough to fill it. In His absence, depravity takes its place in fulfillment of the law of NO VACUUM (I coined it) which says that nature abhors a vacuum. Things will always fall apart if the center is not God. No ‘material’ is tenacious enough to hold the pieces together.

I understand that one may argue that there are morally good atheists. Well, that is a topic for another day (I will surely speak on that). These matters similar to the eating of an elephant is done a bite at a time (no matter how big it is). Needless to say, many also search for God (through many religions) but I believe there is only one way – JESUS CHRIST…reflect on these…

Ps: your contributions, comments and questions are welcome.


  1. Irrespective of the fact that it may take time for man to acheive peace and stability when he makes himself the center of his world, will making the Christian God the center of his world be any different? How?. Hope you’ve not forgotten about the many immoral acts of the Christian God and his followers in the Bible. ( just passing by)

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