Love Is A Realm

An Expository Piece by Minister Dannylove Atsu

Did you know that love in itself is a realm? Love is a real place of existence that a man actually or practically can dwell. It is a realm where two people connected by the demands and convictions of their heart dwell and revel in its ambiance thereof.

The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5:17  “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things have become new.”

“IN” as a word implies that there is a space to be occupied by an entity. The Bible speaks of a location called “Christ” meaning that “Christ” is a real place a man can dwell or live. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. For instance, one might say I am in the room, I am in the office, I am in class, etc, when the person can be found at that specific geographical location.

Christ who is God, who is love, is not just a person but also a realm which we as humans can inhabit.

The realm of love is in the sense that God identified a space that only something as powerful as His love can fill. So God brought His nature and personality into that place in our heart. Through spiritual synchronization, His love has spread through our hearts and it has become a place, which is the dwelling of God.

Have you ever been IN love? Then where is this place called love?

The Realm of Love Is A Place of Sacrifice
You must understand that sacrifice is the apex of love; you cannot fully love without sacrificing. The realm of love requires time, attention and a host of other sacrifices. In order to stay in this place called love you must be ready to sacrifice.

 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. It will cost you to stay in this atmosphere of love because love in itself is sacrifice. I consider what Saint John Paul II said as very important, he said “there is no place for selfishness and no place for fear! Do not be afraid when love makes demands. Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice.”

The Realm of Love Is A Place of Peace
Where there is love, there is peace. The Bible says let the peace of God rule in your heart and it is the same heart that is filled with the love of God. Therefore love and peace are in a constant relationship because they exist in the same place. Can two walk together except they agree. We see Jesus as the peacemaker because his love is peaceful. Love is a peacemaker.

The Realm of Love Is A Place of Understanding
Love is the one thing that can help make you aware and open you up to understand yourself and the people around you. Understanding is key to relational prosperity. If you do not understand people, you cannot relate with them. Lack of understanding is confusion and disagreement.

The Realm of Love Is A Place of Total Security
When you are in the place or realm of love your security is assured. You are not afraid, come what may. It is written that there is no fear in love and that when love is perfected it has the capacity to cast or rebuke fear. Love acknowledges your fears and deals with it thoroughly. Fear loses its essence in the presence of love for perfect love cast out fear…


So after outlining some of the characteristics of this realm of love, let me ask you, are you in this realm or another?

Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher

Hi, I am Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher, a student pharmacist and a member of the Church of Pentecost. It is my desire that my articles go a long way in building you up as a Christian and enlightening you in your love life.
I seek your comments and feedback of my posts to make us better. God bless you for passing through


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