Rejecting The Coveted

Hi! Today, I rewrite the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. I want to debunk the notion that Potiphar’s wife was an old woman who had nothing that could attract Joseph. It also seeks to emphasize the point that Potiphar trusted Joseph and wouldn’t have suspected an affair going on between his chief servant and his wife. I leave the rest of the lessons for you to fish out. Moreover I seek your views on the story as I plan on doing this Bible story rewriting long-term. Enough talk. You can now feed on the story.

He bent down to gather the items which had dropped off the table. “Still a lot of work to be done”, he said to himself. Joseph’s master, Potiphar, had ordered for his room to be cleaned when he was leaving the house. Joseph didn’t trust any of the servants to do it to perfection so he took it upon himself to get the job done. The other servants had been lazing about the whole day. When he returned from the cow shed they were sitting outside the house unconcerned, chatting among themselves.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned quickly and the sight that met him left him startled and annoyed. It was Potiphar’s wife. He knew what she wanted. She had incessantly made attempts to get him to sleep with her.

However, he never told his master about it. He didn’t want to do anything that will mar the “perfect” marriage of his master. Joseph always did his best possible to avoid being alone with her. That day Potiphar’s wife had wittingly plotted a plan to get him and so far everything was working out as planned. She had Joseph where she wanted him – alone with her.

Joseph stood still, looking at her with disgust and anticipating her next move. Her cleavage stared back at him as if it was beckoning him to come and taste of its pleasure. She was pacing towards him, making seductive gestures. Her appearance was enough to entice any man. The contours of her body alone did half the seduction. The apparel she wore was so revealing and left little for imagination. Her charming eyes with an Egyptian touch of mascara were glowing with lust and desperation.

When she was close enough to Joseph she flung herself at him and wrapped her hands around him, holding firmly onto his cloak. “Come lay with me”, she whispered alluringly into his ear. He could feel the softness and warmth of her body against his. Vessels were being filled with blood, tissues were being engorged, the flesh was being fed with the stimulus it craved for and was responding to it.

The though of giving in crossed his mind but he quickly dismissed it. He could do it without anyone knowing. His master trusted him so much that he wouldn’t even have the slightest hint of suspicion. ” You can do it just this once and ask for forgiveness later”, a voice said to him. But nay, he loved his God too much to break His heart even once.

Joseph looked around for a route of escape and noticed that in her haste to seduce him, Potiphar’s wife forgot to lock the door. He agilely freed himself from her embrace and bolted in the direction of the door. Potiphar’s wife was determined to make his body hers. She stretched forth her hand to catch him but could only grasp his cloak. Joseph ran away from her presence and all she had left was his cloak. In shame and disappointment she began to scream for help.

Joseph ran as fast as his feet could carry him. As he made his way past the servants in front of the house they looked at him in astonishment. He knew his master’s wife would ruin his reputation. He knew he would lose his position as chief servant. He knew he might face severe punishment. He knew he had let go the opportunity to sleep with the most coveted woman in the land of Egypt.

Nevertheless, he felt within himself a sense of contentment for he had done what His God would be pleased with. Man’s opinion mattered little to him.

Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher

Hi, I am Daniel Nyarko Amegatcher, a student pharmacist and a member of the Church of Pentecost. It is my desire that my articles go a long way in building you up as a Christian and enlightening you in your love life.
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