Never settle for less – Khaya Mthethwa & The Uprising

This week on Beyond the Rhythm, we come to you with yet another crackerjack. It is going to be inspiring, breathtaking and worth your while.So stick and stay as I endeavor to sweep you off your feet.

The song for this week has a certain unique rendering to it. Contrary to previous selections, this song is from our own African fraternity. To be more specific, South Africa. I imagined you just screamed in excitement. Yaay!

It is an undeniable fact that African gospel music is on the precipice of a worldwide breakthrough with new emerging acts and a host of veteran musicians making waves all over. It is therefore not out of place to recognize such amazing talents and the efforts they incur to minister to our spirits.

Without much ado I introduce to you the song for this week by Khaya Mthethwa and the Uprising titled “Never settle for less”.

Khaya Mthethwa shot to limelight in 2012 through a television reality show, “Idols South Africa”, where he emerged as the eventual winner. Since then, it has been glory throughout. He came out with his first album “For you” in the same year. His second album which features “Never settle for less” as one of the topnotch songs came out two years later in 2014.

In addition to being an impeccable singer, Khaya adds on to his repertoire of talents by being a songwriter, musical director and record producer. Khaya’s dexterity is also unparalleled. He plays the keyboard, guitar, drums and percussion. It is not surprising he brings such ingenuity into his music

I have listened to “Never settle for less” ad nauseam but I still can’t keep myself from playing it. For me, it echoes a deep sense of fellowship and intimacy with God. My resolve to seek God into his infinite depths is always strengthened anytime I hear the song. There’s more that’s found in Jesus, Brother! There are depths that we haven’t yet experienced.

It brings to mind the reason why since eternities past, the angels keep on bowing and glorifying his name in worship and yet are not tired or bored. I believe there’s a refreshing each time they bow. Another dimension they behold with every mention of “Holy are you Lord”.

God is BIIIIIGGGGG! Let this song fine tune your worship to seek more of God.

The lyrics of the song also reveals the insatiable quest of our frail human nature for a divine filling. A longing that cannot be quenched by anything worldly. An emptiness that can only be filled by God. All we need, all we can ever hope for, all are dreams and aspirations are found in Jesus.

I loved the fact that the instrumentals keep me nodding to the tune each time. It is no fluke that the song is blessed with such flawless melody. The song with its smooth upbeat worship style ushers us to a place in worship that is so reverberating. A moment in worship that cannot be taught. It can only be caught.

Truly, we can boldly confess we are not settling for less. We are not settling for sickness nor disease, poverty nor hardships because there’s more to you, Lord.

All too soon that’s the end of this edition of Beyond the Rhythm. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did with you.

Below is the link to download the audio of the song.

You can check for some videos.

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