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You’re welcome to another edition of Beyond the Rhythm, a music review segment on this blog.

The inevitable and most inspirational Christian tabloid has dropped it again and this time with a big bang! First, Team Gospel Paps really appreciates you for always making it a point to soak in some inspiration from our music reviews and others.

I got this song from a colleague vocalist months ago. However, It sat idle on my phone for this long because of other albums I planned listening to. Amazingly one night as I was listening to shuffled songs on my phone this track captured my whole attention.

Then this song was discovered! banging so hard through my headset, i entered into another dimension of life where the song got me prophesying into my own life whiles weeping uncontrollably alongside some prayers for hours till I slept off.

I felt so free indeed! This song is spirit-filled.

‘I’M FREE INDEED’ by Timothy Reddick was released on Monday 23rd May 2016. The content of this song is based on biblical knowledge and inspired revelations. This song leads nowhere but straight to the presence of God.

When Jesus said IT IS FINISHED, every thing changed for the believer. Nonetheless the devil still chases after us to accuse us of things we’ve already been forgiven.

You need to believe that you are free from the bondage of sin and this song leads in that direction.

2Cor 5:17 – “Therefore if a man be in Christ He is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!”

Do you believe ?

Aside the captivating lyrics, the instrumentation also is no joke! A fantastic blend of the keyboard, piano and strings tone together with the synth. The base guitar and the drums brings the Heart and Pop beat out of the songs such that you can’t stand but flow with the rhythm.

Song Lyrics

I’m free indeed In Christ I’m free indeed
No chains are holding me It’s who I choose to be (Repeat x1)
I choose to be Free I choose to be Free (x4)
I’m free indeed In Christ I’m free indeed
Was blind but now I see It’s who I’m meant to be
I choose to be Free I choose to be Free (x4)

I DECREE and DECLARE in the name of Jesus every Liberty you need to rescind the decision of being a slave to masturbation, backbiting, unfaithfulness in tithe giving, engrossed chronic disease, Spiritual blackmail and breakdown, family curse, mental torture and all others I couldn’t mention be granted to you in Jesus’ name wherever you are.
Only if you believe and declare and Jesus be your Center yes indeed that your freedom is just a breath away from you. Claim it Claim it Claim it receive it receive in Jesus’ Name (in a growling tone)
I got so inspired and I added my own verse to it making it three (3)…..and it goes like this
I’m free indeed In Christ I’m free indeed
Was cursed but now I am blessed Its whom I have to be……………………Feel free to add yours man!

Here is a direct download link of this song – (

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