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You know that feeling when you chance on a new song that hits you right there the first time you listen and subsequently overwhelms you so much so that you become inebriated with its intoxication. Yah. That feeling. I know you can relate. So beautiful, so unique, so enthralling. I cannot exaggerate it enough. I call them “snippets of the total heavenly experience”.

It is with such inspiration that I introduce our featured song for this week titled,

“No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music”


I am sure you just whispered to yourself, “who is Bethel music?” Haha. Relax. The fun is now about to start. For those who know Bethel music already, your appetites are already craving for more.

Bethel music is an American worship group setup in 2001 by the Bethel Church in California. The group is made up of spirit filled believers who desire to fill all the earth with Godly worship. With this passion, they have quite a handsome repertoire of albums to their name. Album titles include, “We will not be shaken”, “You make me brave”, “Have it all” just to mention a few.

No Longer Slaves is one of eleven songs on the “We will not be shaken” album. The song was led by the duo, Jonathan David and Melissa Helser who also double as married couples. I’m sure the Christian brothers are taking notes now. Lol.

Jonathan David starts the song in a slow paced worship fashion by carefully swirling the words in his peculiar and yet melodious voice. The precise piano and guitar rhythm synchronizes perfectly with the singing to make No Longer Slaves a must listen! The tempo increases at the bridge where Melissa Helser announces her presence with a commanding entry.

Forgive me Jonathan but I have a small confession to make. Watching the video track to the song, I crushed on Melissa Helser right away. Wow! Such a passionate and powerful worshiper. I now understand why Jonathan David’s heart skipped a beat when……, never mind. Haha
The way she swung her body to and fro amidst raising of hands in fervent worship was just contagious. I caught the flu right away. The stir in my spirit and surge of emotions was almost palpable. It coaxed me into a pensive mood where I started meditating on the words of the song.

No Longer Slaves brings Romans 8:15 into perspective and gives meaning to the scripture.

The bible talks about the fact that we (Christians) are no longer under bondage to fear but by the Spirit of adoption, he (the Spirit) has made us Children of God. Amazing. What a gift he has given us. It’s a place of redemption, freedom, joy, fellowship and thanksgiving.

Let us declare and sing of your sonship in Christ Jesus with unfettered zeal!

It was obviously not a coincidence when No Longer Slaves won in the category of worship song of the year during 2016 GMA Dove Awards.

Indeed, we are no longer slaves unto fear. Love has made a way. Love has made us Victorious!

I pray you enjoy the tunes and above all have a similar or even deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Thank you

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For those who want the complete feel can watch the video on

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