Praise be to God for another glorious opportunity to be alive today. Since we are alive, let us be hopeful that God has a perfect plan for us.
Today, I have a personal burden to share with us- seeking to inject some fire in our bones; for the laxity to do anything worthy is becoming too much.

First let us answer this question, “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?” before we delve into the content of this text.

When the Philistines waged war against the Israelites, David was just a shepherd boy. He had no business at the battlefield but for the errands he had to run to give food to his three elder brothers. It was business as usual until the gigantic Philistine hero defied the armies of the living God.

David would not take the blasphemy of Goliath kindly, so without any military training nor armory he is determined to take the giant down. Against all odds and dissuasion from his brothers he answers their unbelief saying, _” what have I now done? *Is there not a cause?*”_. He dared to face Goliath for a worthy cause and the rest as we know it is history.

Queen Esther approached King Ahaseurus in the full glare of possible danger. The destiny of the Jews was in her hands and she was not going to trivialize it. She took the charge from Mordecai. Esther proclaims boldly in chapter 4 verse 16 that _”…I will go in unto the king, which is not according to the law; and *if I perish, I perish.*”_ This is how people who commit themselves to a worthy cause speak.

In the Spartan army it is considered more glorious to die on the battlefield than to come home defeated. They would not flinch even in the face of death. A Spartan will gladly sacrifice himself for the sake of his kingdom. Ask any Spartan and he will tell you that there is a cause.

Beloved, is there not a cause? For such a time as this as you have been delivered, saved and sanctified. Like David and Esther we find ourselves in a generation, family, class, neighborhood, region, and country for a purpose and we cannot look on indifferent.

As long as love remained a scarce commodity, Mother Theresa was ready to dedicate her life to showing love to all, even to the destitute. While women wept, children went hungry, men went to prison and one dark soul remained without the light of God; the founder of Salvation Army, William Booth said *he will fight*.

Life is a matter of cause and effect. When we leave things to chance, disaster remains a great possibility. It is not enough complaining about the problem; we ought to confront it squarely. You cannot conquer what you cannot confront.

What is it that you so desperately desire to see? If each one of us stroke the right chords in the areas we find ourselves I am convinced that we will produce a good melody that the world can dance to. To paraphrase the words of D.L.Moody, I agree that you are one. You cannot do everything but you can do something. And that which you can do, by the grace of God, DO IT. So I ask where are the Davids, Esthers, Martin Luthers, Mother Theresas of our time. They are right amongst us and you my dear reader, are part.

So now, look around you, IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? I believe you have your answer already. Reflect on these things.


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