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It’s another great weekend where you get to enjoy the juiciest and most exciting reviews on your favorite movies. This week even promises a bigger and better experience. The movie for review is one that would kill the boredom on your screens and send you through lasting moments of deep emotional reflections that is life changing

Without further arousing your glands, I move to introduce the movie for the week titled “Miracles from Heaven”.

Miracles from Heaven is a movie carved from true events of a little girl who was suffering from a degenerative intestinal disorder. The rarity of her condition sends her through vicissitudes of life experiences that only God orchestrates.

The 109 minutes movie was directed by Patricia Riggen and written by Randy Brown. It features lovable actors like Kylie Rogers, Martin Henders, Eugenio Derbez, Queen Latifah and Jennifer Garner. To be honest with you, I loved the movie right from the start. The introductory scene of three strikingly beautiful girls being garnished with love by two dashing parents left my appetite whetted for more. The story further proceeds skillfully into a trajectory of events that highlights the strong faith of a little girl, the grit and determination of a trepidatious mother and the comforting arms of a supportive father and husband.

The subject of faith is one of the things that are striking about the movie. You cannot watch the movie without your faith being increased. It’s a rarity. This subject is demonstrated in a plethora of scenes. From the sheer grit of Christy Beam (Anna’s mother) to travel to Boston to seek medical attention for her daughter despite not having an appointment with Doctor Nurko to the bravery shown by Anna Beam in her incurable illness. One cannot help but be in astonishment.

The movie gives an interesting perspective to what we define as miracles in our lives. Many people look out for the conspicuous things. According to the movie however, we see and experience miracles every day. For Anna, her miracles were exemplified in Angela, who brought her lasting smiles, Doctor Nurko, the receptionist at the hospital and a lot more characters in the movie. Through this we understand that God gives us miracles in the special people He brings our way.

The movie also teaches important lessons like hope, love, kindness and sacrifice.

The story also brings into question the smug and hypocritical attitudes of some Christians when their fellow believers are in trying moments. This is portrayed when friends of Christy Beam suggest to her that the cause of Anna’s illness might be from of a sin committed by her or her husband or Anna herself.

Contrary to a lot of plastic emotions shown in some Christian movies, Miracles from Heaven lives by example. I could feel the surging emotions as the story transpired. This was particularly depicted in my favorite scene in the movie. I am sure you are itching to know which scene that was. Haha. I would not spoil the fun.

This is the scene where Anna Beam finds herself in the same room with a girl suffering from a bone disease. Seeing both children speak to themselves about their fears and anxieties of death was absolutely consuming and almost drenched me in tears. This together with top notch acting by veteran actor Jennifer Garner (casted as Christy Beam) simply blew me away.

It is not surprising she was nominated for Best actress in a leading role for the teen choice awards.

The humorous ploy employed in the movie makes the movie so interesting and enjoyable. It was just a perfect mix amidst all the pain Anna was going through. Queen Latifah who casted as Angela and Eugenio Derbez who casted as Doctor Nurko (a pediatric gastroenterologist) never ceased to crack my ribs with their satirical displays. Their characters provided a wholistic therapeutic effect on Anna’s condition and the depression she was suffering from as a side effect of her medications.

The movie is devoid of violence and sexually stimulating scenes. This makes it recommendable for children and adults alike. The characteristic family setting also makes it typical for a family movie show.

Just to add to the fact that this movie is not just another hype or exaggeration, it has one of the highest ratings I’ve seen for a Christian movie on the Internet movie Database website (

It also won the best drama movie in the teen choice awards for the year 2016.

So, there you have it! Your miracle from Heaven. Just grab your 3D lens and have a feel of this ravishing piece of art.

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Below is a link to download the movie.

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