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Now you are about to receive a double dose that will move your Spirit and music life to the next level.     It has been a fantastic journey through Travis Greene’s “THE HILL” album.
So moving on, with double momentum we look at Tasha Cobb’s latest single released from her ongoing 2017 recording album. The title to this single is “Great God”…you can only imagine Tasha’s voice texture just growling “Great God”. Ha! because of the anointing, at the sound of it even the enemy will join us in singing and shouting Great God .

She is an anointed minister of the gospel in songs and goes by the stage name “Tasha Cobbs”, her real name is Natasha Tameika Tasha Cobbs Leonard and she is married to Kenneth Leonard. She is one of the fast growing, gifted and Spirit-filled singers in the gospel music scene. She has seen a tremendous improvement in vocal texture from the genesis of her music ministry in 2015 when she released “Put A Praise on It” to her latest, “Great God“.

Her vocals is so amazing such that she literally shouts and growls out the Voice of God in her music!
The Album Art of this song also depicts her deepest emotions as she passionately glorifies our Great God from her innermost being. Even creating an imaginary scene of her as she holds the cordless mic in her right hand and places it on her chest, turns her head in the opposite direction and with the left hand in a fist pushing the song from within upwards in awe of God you can fall under the anointing, Ha!

Before she got married this year, she had started recording her 2017 album as mentioned earlier which is by the way slated to be released on 25th August 2017  titled “HEART. PASSION. PURSUIT”, do watch out for it.

The single “Great God” was released on Friday 23rd June 2017, and since then has seen amazing comments and has also been trending all over. I believe this song is to build and encourage the church in these trying times, and a reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Amazingly, her husband Kenneth Leonard Jr. is a music producer! isn’t that juicy enough? He is the producer of this single and we wait on more powerful songs from this couple soon enough.

Natasha Tameika Cobbs is a Grammy award winner and she also won Best Gospel Artiste at 2015 Dove awards.

Free download of Great God by Tasha Cobbs –

Check out the lyrics
Great God, Great God, (You are great forever) 3x
Great God, great God, (You are great)
Oh oh oh oh… Oh oh
Mighty God, mighty God, (You’re great forever)
Mighty God, mighty God You are, (You are great forever)
Mighty God, mighty You are, (You are great forever)
Mighty God, mighty God, (You are great)
Oh oh oh oh… Oh oh
Holy God, Holy you are (You are great forever) 3x
Holy God, Holy You are (You are great)
Oh oh oh oh… Oh oh
Faithful God, faithful You’ve been (You are great forever)
Holy God, we know who You are (You are great forever)
Holy God we know who You are (You are great forever)
Holy God, holy You are (You are great)
Oh oh oh oh… Oh oh


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