A glorious Tuesday is here with us and we must seek to thank God for life. No human is self-existent so whenever you wake up from sleep let gratitude fill your heart.

Today, the message is simply do what you have planned to do. Do it now. And please do it to the finality.

Do it.  What plans do you have? The plans to start a business, write a book, pursue that degree…and all those gargantuan plans in your pretty head. Many have identified what they want in life but the inertia to set out seems to be stronger. Many have thought things through several times, done all risk-benefit-analysis and are convinced of the ultimate glory but they still hold themselves back. Many have been to a number of empowerment summits and all that comes out is that they are challenged but unfortunately they are not changed. They gladly receive the message, dance around it, make big plans but time takes away the wind from their sails even before they set off. It is not enough to be challenged. Seek to change. 

Do it now. If not now then when?

The saddest phrase ever written or said by man is ‘it could have been’.  You sure do not want to go through life only to conclude at the dying years of your life that “Oh, I should have done these things”. Procrastination is a destroyer of destinies and not just a thief of time like the good old cliché. Our lives are made of time- seconds, minutes, days etc. If you procrastinate certainly you waste time but in reality you waste life. 

Go and ask what procrastination has done to the proverbial vulture and it will tell you it has not been easy for it this rainy season, since it did not heed to the advice to build its nest[do not take it literally]. Let go of any fear or limitation whatsoever and kick-start. You will be proud you did. So from the offices of NIKE they say i should inform you to ‘just do it!’

Do it to the finality. 


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