They Tried To “Kill” Him

Hello my dear reader, it’s been a while but I am glad we’re finally meeting!

Today on Apologetics let’s go through a poem tiled GOD IS DEAD.

You will be know at the end if it’s true or not. Don’t forget to share and leave your thoughts behind.

Please listen!
Listen as I make my case
A case that has been unsettled for ages brought back and forth in the courts of the mind.
But most often we leave you out!
Yes you!
For your fate has been decided by others and tossed to you to swallow.
But now it’s time for you to decide, so please hear me out as I make my case.

God is dead!
The wind whispered it to my ears
God is dead!
The sea tossed those words for me to hear.
But yes I agree with them
We’ve killed God.
But with what weapon?
We’ve killed him with our words, thoughts and actions.
We’ve killed him with our passions and made ourselves gods.
We’ve become the murderers of all ages.

But where do we bury such a being.
Where do we hide the evidence of our murder?
When did we enter into infinity to bring God into time to kill him?
How did we kill him who had no beginning and ended the life of Him who had no end?
Who will defend our case?
I watched as men looked for a coffin to bury his remains
To bury Him in the depths which cannot contain him?
How can He be alive if he doesn’t exist?

For we don’t need God to define life
We don’t need him for creation because everything evolved and is its source, the big bang!!
This has been the case of men trying to wipe God from the horizon
Trying to cover their acts with this thick blanket,
As they say, ‘we dance to our DNA’
God is dead because we cannot see him alive!
Please don’t be angry with me but that is not my case.

This is my case
Love is dead! Our feelings are dead and in fact our brains are dead!
For we cannot see neither can we touch.
Yet a guy sees a lady and his heart jumps out and we call it love
Yet that guy or lady breaks your heart and you say, ’you’ve hurt my feelings’.
And when we think in exams we call it ‘brains’

If there’s no God, there’s no life!
If I can’t see God, I can’t see my life as well

Please hear me out.
How do I know I’m living, if I’m just but a product of evolution?
I might just be called a machine if I’m dancing to my DNA and can’t make my own choices.
If there’s no God, how can you know I’m ‘wrong’ and you’re ‘right’?
How can you judge my actions and with what standard?
How do you explain the beauty and design of such a wonderful universe?
The uniqueness of the sun,
The position of the earth,
The wonder of childbirth,
The beauty of plant growth.
What caused it?

This ends my case
You are unique with freewill.
Eyes that can see thousands of colours.
Ears that can hear 1000’s of sounds
And nose that can smell 1000’s of aromas all at once.
Yet they say you are just but a chance
A mistake from evolution
So tell me
Is God dead?
The choice is yours!!!

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