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It’s been wonderful and joyous reviewing this powerful album (THE HILL) by Travis Greene on “Beyond the Rhythm”, a music section on The Gospel paps.

Today we look at yet another hit single on this same album titled “Intentional”. Interestingly Travis performed live in Ghana this year   At the Empowerment Worship Centre (EWC), a program dubbed “Stand in the Gap”. It was such a powerful ministration.

Undoubtedly this is a hit song with a very catchy tune by all standards.  Therefore it is no surprise at all that this song won 7 outstanding  stellar awards this year amongst other prestigious nominations. This song has placed him by the grace of God on higher platforms.

In this song, Travis talks about some events in his life that are not always easy to understand. You know, you just can’t explain miracles, I bet that’s why it’s termed that anyways.

I quote “I was 5 years old, he (his dad) died at 28 and this wasn’t a miracle. We wanted my father to come back but he didn’t he passed. He had an aneurysm and he died. So seeing how fragile life is, it causes you at an early age to wake up to the reality that your next breath is God’s option and not yours!”.
This is synonymous to the account of Joseph in Genesis 37 when he was sold out by his own blood brothers to the Egyptians and he knew nor had any hope. His next breath was God’s option for the Spirit of the Lord was with him.

Do you recall the story of Job? At the moment when he was receiving multiple tragic news from his servants about his children and  properties? (Job 19:25) but upon all these Job said “For I know my Redeemer lives and that the last he will stand upon the earth”

This song is purposed to give you HOPE!!!….I pray with all my heart that even as you spend time listening to this song and meditating on the lyrics you will receive hope amist any hopeless situation you find yourself in, may you meet your miracle in Jesus’ name Amen!!!

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