Webster defines a world view as 

a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world.” 

But  really, a worldview is something much deeper than your personality. It defines your beliefs about reality and your outlook on life.

So the  question here is do you have a worldview?

This is my answer;

Yes, I have a worldview and it’s the Christian or Biblical Worldview. 

A worldview should be able to answer or give response to these four things: Origin, Meaning or purpose, Morality, and destiny. These responses should be coherent and consistent with reality. The Christian worldview is the only worldview that gives a coherent response to these four things.

Where do we come from? Who created the universe? These questions seem to bother us sometimes. But we do know that to every effect there’s a cause. 

If that’s so, then there should be an uncaused cause else there will be a string of infinite causes. We, Christians, believe God is the uncaused cause. He brought the universe and everything in it, including humans, into being. The vastness of this universe is unique on its own. The unique position of the earth makes life very conducive. If there’s a design then there should be a designer and we, Christians, see God as the Designer.

The Biblical Worldview teaches that since our source is God, He created us for a reason and our lives do have a meaning. If we just came into existence by random chance then we are no more useful than animals.

Morality should be absolute, that’s linking directly to a greater source or power who forms the standard of right and wrong. If Morality is relative, there will be no justification for it since someone can show love by offering a gift, another can show love by killing his brother. But which is right? We, Christians, believe that our source or power is God.


What is our final destination as humans? The Biblical Worldview explains that our final destination isn’t heaven, as other worldviews like Islam claim, but God Himself through Christ Jesus. For Jesus said :”I’m the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the father except through me. ” So God, the Father, who is our source is also our final destination and we shall be with Him in heaven.

This worldview doesn’t affect my lifestyle. It is my life and lifestyle. For I know where I come from, who I am, through Christ Jesus I’m put right before God and I will finally be with Him in the end. This is my worldview.

What is yours?

I challenge you to examine your worldview. Do your personal beliefs really come from a biblical framework, or are they collected from various belief systems and your own (perhaps inaccurate) interpretation of reality? If we say that our God, in Jesus, is truth, we would do well to live lives that are based on the truth He has revealed to us in his Word.

Let’s meet again nextweek, till then stay blessed.

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