Beyond The Rhythm – Unstoppable Love

Try to stop your love and you would wage a war
Try to take the very thing you gave your life for
And you would come running
Tear down every wall
All the while you’re shouting
“My Love, you’re worth it all”

…. And that is how Kim Walker captivated my heart and numbed my senses with her sublime voice and intense worship as she sang the first verse of “Unstoppable Love”. I was particularly awestruck and undone for weeks after listening to the song for the first time.

Without any underestimation to her voice, I think what predominantly enticed me were the lyrics; meticulously and impeccably knit words that holds the heart in peril of divine passion and guides our souls in an unrestrained search for true love.

The first verse creates an imagery of the depths of God’s love. It depicts God as a character that would fight tooth and nail for his Love which is an exemplary of what Christ did on the cross. This helps us as Christians and non-Christians alike to have a deeper meaning of how much God loves and desperately longs for us.

The chorus and second verse further goes to buttress this inexplicable truth.


The bridge of the song is an allusion to Romans 8:35

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?” NIV
This is an unrelenting pursuit of God irrespective of the dangers and pitfalls that this life presents. It is the moment when believers, after coming to a realization and comprehension of the unstoppable love of God, yearn to reciprocate it.

The first and second verses employ a medium tempo rhythm that further crescendoes at the bridge.


The song generally has quite a number of repetitive statements that helps to enhance our understanding of the lyrics and to draw us further into intimate worship.

Unstoppable Love is the title track for the album. Altogether, the album has thirteen songs on it. These songs include: Sing out, ten thousand reasons, we will Run, Light of the word, Surrender All, Unstoppable Love, your name is glorious, no other like you, you made a way, Wide open and In Awe of you. Without being totally bias, all the songs are equally very good but my personal favorites are “In awe of you”, “Ten thousand reasons”, “Surrender all” and obviously the title song; unstoppable love.

The songs were led by Jesus Culture worship leaders; Kim Walker Smith and Chris Quilala.

Most of them (songs) span over 5 minutes with others going as far as 9 minutes. This is no coincidence judging from the fact that each song ends with a moment of worship. I believe that was the target of the album; to draw Christians closer to God through deep and intense worship.

The unstoppable love album was released on 3rd June 2014 by Jesus Culture during a live recording at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, California.
When asked about his expectations for this album, Jesus Culture Director Banning Leibscher said, “Our prayer for this album is that you would encounter the unstoppable, over-the-top, zealous, extravagant love that God has for you” and after listening to this album several times, I can only say he spoke as a prophet.

I have totally been blessed. I pray you are not left out of this experience.


Below is the link to view or download the song.



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