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Rarely do you see top billed American actors coming together to do a Christian movie. Some of the reasons I could assign to this assertion may be that Christian movies do not yield much financial returns when released and also there’s barely any recognition on the major front in terms of Oscar nominations and the Golden globes.

This week’s movie for review defies this odd. Although, it has not netted any major award since its release on 3rd March 2017, the presence of some of Hollywood’s most recognized actors/actresses in the movie has it buzzing on screens all over.

It is on this premise that I present to you this week’s movie for review titled “The Shack”.

The Shack is an American movie based on a novel by William P. Young also titled “The Shack”. The movie was directed by Stuart Hazeldine and casts famous actors/actresses like Sam Worthington, Tim McGraw, Radha Mitchell, Avraham Aviv Alush and Octavia Spencer also of Hidden Figures fame.

The movie prowls into the life of Mack; a father of three who is brutally devastated by the loss of his youngest daughter. The pain and anguish from this experience causes an incoherence in his life that leads him in a trajectory of surreal moments where he gets to fellowship with the Trinity (God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit).

The movie teaches important lessons pertinent to the Christian faith. God, nicknamed “Papa” kept on repeating phrases like “I am especially fond of you”, “You don’t know how much I love you”. The stress on these statements I believe places emphasis on how much God loves us.

Secondly, we are advised to shun away from judging life from our intellectual perspectives as human beings especially when we end up in precarious situations. Rather, the best solution is to trust that God is good and out of this nature would work all things for our good.

“The Shack” also addresses some questions like “Why would God permit something bad to happen to any of his children even though it appears he could prevent such distasteful situations?”.

However, I think some of the answers provided were quite knotty and did not do justice to the questions.

I was particularly fond of Octavia Spencer’s (Papa) profound statements and perky wits. The profound statements were uttered by God as a means of healing Mack of his pain. A few of the statements include; “When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me (God)”, “If pain is left unresolved, you can forget what you were created for”. This coupled with a few metaphors creates a soothing spiritual therapy for anyone watching the movie also going through a similar situation.

The movie adopted a lot of emotional scenes to depict the psychological distress Mack went through after the loss of her daughter and the cascading events that led to his healing. This made the role of Sam Worthington very critical and I personally think he did justice. I really felt the surge of emotions as though I was the one facing the problem and it never felt like they were forced emotions. The emotional theme made the movie a bit slow paced but it was worth it.

I was taken aback at the range of Biblical metaphors employed in the movie. One of these that takes a central rendering is the theme of the trinity. Scarcely do you see a personified deity portrayed in a movie. A few of what I can randomly recollect was the role of Morgan Freeman in “Bruce Almighty” where God was seen as an old man with a white beard graciously dressed in a white robe. Contrary to this thinking, “The Shack” employs the impeccable acting prowess of Octavia Spencer, Alush and Sumire; dashing and attractive middle-aged actor/actresses who play roles of God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit respectively.

The choice of characters for these roles on my part is very strategic to absolve ancient minds of their opinionated ideas of the portrayal of a perfect God cast and also it presents an appealing influence to the youth.

I would end this week’s movie review on Gospel Vies with my opinion rating on the movie. I think the movie was really good and a 7 would be a deserved rating. Let’s get interactive. Let me know your rating of the movie by dropping your comments on the section.

Let the Friday feel be memorable. Stay entertained and impacted.

Below is a link to download or stream the movie

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