Movie Review – Do You Believe?

In a society where most of our movies are raided with social vices and unsavory language, it becomes quite a daunting task as a Christian to select a movie without being concerned about its lustful repercussions. In today’s episode of Gospel Vies, we try to help you with the quest of finding the perfect movie with just the right amount of drama, suspense, thrill for your viewing pleasure.

Our movie for review today is ‘Do you Believe?’.

Do you Believe is a 2-hour movie directed by Brian Shanley. The movie has casts like Senyo Amoaku, Sean Astin, Lee Majors, Brian Bosworth and Makenzie Moss.

The movie tells a story of a pastor and how his encounter with a radical evangelist ignites a passion of the cross in him that transcends visibly in the unraveling lives of his church members.

Do you Believe demonstrates some tenets of the Christian faith such as Redemption, Love, Compassion, Faith, Sacrifice and Hope seasoned with fitting Drama that would keep you fixated on your screens.
It also teaches the true meaning of the cross; the essence and demands of it. Love and Compassion are demonstrated in a practical and palpable way that can easily be imitated.

The Cross
The movie asks thought provoking questions that are essential to the Christian faith like “If you were ever accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”, “Do you believe in the cross of Christ?”. Questions that would help keep your life in check and on course as a true believer. Its evangelical nature proves a suitable choice for crusade ministrations or for soul wining.

For those who love action movies, this movie has just the right amount. The captivating stunts and stellar cinematography would whet your appetite for more without deviating from its true purpose of ministering to you. Unlike the exaggerated stunts of many Hollywood movies, the stunts in “Do you Believe?” are real and relatable.
The characters are well developed and the multi-plots are effectively interwoven into a masterpiece that you will enjoy.

One of the features of the movie that I like is the spice of child-like faith that was introduced through the character, Lily. The faith that believes regardless of the revealing circumstances. The role of little Lily is also a part that many children can relate to, making the movie suitable for all age groups. However parental guidance is advised for children below 13 years.
All said, “Do you Believe?” proves a good movie for all the Christian movie fiends. Now, get some popcorn, invite friends over and Netflix!

Below is a link to stream or download the movie

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