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It’s Tuesday and guess what? I’m sharing a Thoughtful quote with you on a thoughtful Tuesday!

“If you are not prepared, opportunities looks like threats” ~ Prominent Posky

There is one thing I’ve noticed Christians can really do! 

Praying all kinds of prayer at different times and from really cool to violent prayers, demanding and pleading for goodies from God. like jobs, marriage, conceiving a child, traveling … You can add the rest.

Now what happens is that after going to pray we get back to sleep and dream about the things we’ve been asking for.

it’s okay to dream actually, you know what they say about dreaming right? but at the same time you need to be awake to see your dreams come true.

We pray so hard for somethings and when we receive them we mess the whole thing up because we weren’t just ready yet!

We pray so hard for what we “think” we deserve and when we are blessed with it, that same thing becomes a threat because we don’t even know how to handle it… And like a bomb we play around it till it finally explodes!

So here is the deal my dear friend… While you wait on God to give you whatever you’re asking, why don’t you use the wait period to develop yourself? I mean why don’t you try to figure out what to do with what you are asking of Him, and how you can excel in whatever it that you are to receive.

Why not equip yourself with knowledge, practical and theory? And seek to understand how things work in the area or field in which you are expecting that blessing?

It is my prayer that even as we pray, we won’t go back to sleep, but rather take bold steps to meet the blessings God is gonna pour down us.




My name is Priscilla Adwoa Benewaa Ocran you can also call me Papberry because that way i get to bear more fruits! I am a woman Of God by grace, and i love to give out most especially to the youth.
Writing is my Call! impacting lives i have been anointed to do.
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