Breaking Out

There i laid in bed full of thoughts;
hands in between closed thighs, Body coiled up like a little baby.
And as the lyrics of J’McReynolds’ song “I’m coming out” hit the core of my heart, warm tears fiercely gushed out my eyes.

It’s like i am stuck in my own pile of darkness.
Yet i am not silenced by the darkness;
by that thick darkness that covers my face.
Feeling so hot within;
Heat capable of melting a candle wax without actually lighting it up;
Even in a room like a cold store.

Now there comes insomnia knocking to remind me of our date; such close friends, we’ve become.
But What is keeps my lonely mind active at this ungodly hour?
The fear of seeing the same yesterday, tomorrow had disabled my sleep cords.

But a word was secretly brought to me,
my ears caught a whisper of it.
Amid disquieting dreams in the night,
when deep sleep falls on people,
fear and trembling seized me
And shoke my bones.

A spirit glided past my face,
and the hair on my body stood on end.
It stopped, but i could not tell what that was.
A form stood before my eyes,
and i heard a hushed voice:
i am breaking you out, and this time for good.

P.S – Whatever it is that you are into, Jesus is taking you out this minute…just believe and be saved in Jesus name🙏.



My name is Priscilla Adwoa Benewaa Ocran you can also call me Papberry because that way i get to bear more fruits! I am a woman Of God by grace, and i love to give out most especially to the youth.
Writing is my Call! impacting lives i have been anointed to do.
Join me as i explore God's Word through devotions, spokenword poetry and many more!


    1. Yes it is dark😊…but the true light draws us out of that darkness so it doesn’t consume us!
      And yes Steve you can call me paps😅.
      Thanks for your submissions too

      1. Thank you, paps, and you are welcome for any replies I may add to your delightful posts! Stay strong in your Godly beliefs and be that light to all those around you. Let it define who you are!!

        Steve 🙂

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